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As the IB syllabus continues to change so do the resources. Buying books are expensive and once they're printed they hard to change… How many errors have you found in your book? Or how many times have you wished you could say it a different way?

I want to create a collaborative online resource that can be flexible and responsive to students and teachers needs. 2 authors are better than 1 and 10 might be even better… The world is moving online so why aren't our classrooms?

So if you want to help with my little experiment send me an email ( with some proof you're not one of those guys who thinks Einstein was wrong… Or that the best way to teach physics is to lecture using excessively scary words and symbols…

The site could use people to:

  • Add content from the new syllabus (first exams 2008 and now 2014?)
  • Expand and refine current content
    • Add example problems
    • Fix holes in notes
    • Add online resources
    • Fix typos or content that simply doesn't make sense
  • Develop original CSS code…
  • What do you think the site needs?

So you want to become a member of this site? Tell us why and apply now! You will need to have a account first, which will require an email address. They don't send spam and neither will we.

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