Veritasium - Has a good (and growing) collection of videos on some of the more fundamental physics topics both explaining ideas and doing demonstrations

Physics for the IB Diploma: Study Guide - If your taking the exams you should have this book. It's not a textbook, but it may be hands down the best thing to help you review. This link is for the "new syllabus" or in other words for exam in 2009 and beyond.

Online Paper 1 Questions - Created by Chris Hamper, looks mighty useful for reviewing….

Chris Hamper's Site - My IB trainer and he knows his stuff. He has labs ideas and much more. Good stuff. His blog says he's writing a book… maybe there will be an IB textbook worth buying?

IB Physics Book - Might it be worth reading? Chris Hamper is a co-Author so the answer is a definite maybe (and probably yes). I personally have not seen a copy.

Physics Daily - an enclopedia of sorts

Physics Classroom - good source for introductory ideas

A-Level Site - based on the british A Levels but has a lot that is useful for the IB

HyperPhysics - This site has everything! If you can't find it here you aren't looking hard enough.

Physics Simulations (PhET) - Incredible site

Worsley School

Online Goodies
Twiddla - Online Collaboration tool, free with no sign up of any kind!

NCS Tech Blog - Education Tech Blog

Delicious - Social bookmarking potentially VERY useful

Reading for the students (stuff that was easier for them to read then for me to spend a class or more just talking):

Michelson Morely Experiment Interferometer

Gravitational Lensing Red Shift

Speed of Light


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