This wiki was started Dec. 2 2008…I am still in the process of migrating my old site to this wiki. However, It is mostly complete, but I am not currently teaching IB Physics.

This site was originally created from materials I had developed as a IB physics teacher. My hope is to create a site that can be helpful to both teachers and students. The site is free non-profit and always will be. I taught overseas for 4 years, including 3 years of IB Math Studies and 2 years of IB SL & HL Physics. We didn't have a good text or many resources for the students to use as a references. I began writing notes to help me organize my thoughts, at some point I realized that my students were making use of my notes so I started to write more carefully…

I was contacted by another IB teacher just before leaving my school as I was heading back to graduate school. He liked what was on my site so I moved it to a free and ugly site. Recently I have begun to move the information over to this wiki. It's much easier on the eyes, easier to navigate and its searchable! I also have hopes of finding one or two or more like minded physics folk that want to see a free resource that has the ability to adapt and evolve with the changes of the IB syllabus… The site will hopefully be finished shortly.

I have a new teaching job but not at an IB school. So the notes are unlikely to change much… If you're a IB Physics teacher interested in improving and/or updating this site please let me know!

Got some thoughts on how to improve the site?

Send an email: hankestevens@gmail.com

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